Caviar – Mixed Fish Roe, black, 80 g

Caviar – Mixed Fish Roe, black, 80 g

Catch Area: Capelin roe: FAO27 (Iceland and Faroe Grounds, Norwegian Sea, Barent’s Sea); Herring roe: FAO27 (Norwegian Sea, North Sea).

Fishing Method: Purse seine/pelagic trawl (FAO27).

Languages on product: EN, PL


Per 100 g
Energy, kJ/kcal 310/70
Fat, g 3,0
whereof saturates, g 1,0
Carbohydrates, g 2,5
whereof sugars, g 1,0
Protein, g 9,0
Salt, g 5,3


Salted herring roe* (43%), sugarsalted capelin roe** (43%), water, stabilizer (E415), preservatives (E202, E311), acidity regulator (E330), safflower extract, onion extract, colourings (E120, E133). *Clupea harengus **Mallotus villosus


Fish (herring roe and capelin roe).

Storage and freshness information

Keep refrigerated at +2°C to +8°C.