Creamed Mild Smoked Fish Roe Spread, 150 g

Mild smoked fish roe spread from Abba Seafood.

Creamed Mild Smoked Fish Roe Spread, 150 g

High-quality raw materials and our love for the sea – those are the key ingredients in this delicious seafood spread. The lightly smoked roe gives the product a pleasant flavor that is perfect on a piece of toast or as topping on a canapé.

English MSC certification.
MSC certified

Kosher Parve

Catch Area: Cod roe – Northeast Atlantic.

Catching Method: 3) Trawls (Bottom otter trawls); 4) Gillnets and similar nets (Set (anchored) gillnets); 5) Seines (Danish seines); 6) Hooks and lines (Longlines (drifting)). Catching method 3-6 was indicated at the seam.

Languages on product: EN, PL


Per 100 g
Energy, kJ/kcal 1780/430
Fat, g 35
whereof saturates, g 4,7
Carbohydrates, g 20
whereof sugars, g 16
Protein, g 8,3
Salt, g 5,0


Smoked sugarsalted cod roe* (41%), rapeseed oil, sugar, water, potato flakes, salt, tomato paste, preservative (potassium sorbate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid). *Gadus morhua


Fish (cod roe).

Storage and freshness information

Keep refrigerated +2°C to +8°C.