Herring fillets in Marinade (Skapa) 2,6 kg

5350015004 Abba Skapa Inläggningssill or Herring in marinade for making your own pickled herring.

Herring fillets in Marinade (Skapa) 2,6 kg

Herring is a genuine and wholesome delicacy that can be enjoyed on a piece of crispbread, as an exciting starter or served as it is on a buffet table. From our brand Skapa we offer herring that you can easily use to make your own pickled herring.

English MSC certification.
MSC certified

Catch area: Norwegian Sea or North Sea
Catching tools: Pelagic trawl or purse seine

Languages on product: SE, FI


Per 100 g
Energy, kJ/kcal 985/235
Fat, g 11
whereof saturates, g 3,6
Carbohydrates, g 24
whereof sugars, g 23
Protein, g 10
Salt, g 2,8


HERRING* fillets, sugar, vinegar, salt, natural aroma (e.g. bell pepper, cinnamon) preservatives (sodium benzoate). *Clupea harengus


Fish (herring).

Storage and freshness information

Keep refrigerated +2°C to +8°C.