Pure flavours from the sea

By keeping our delicious spreads in the fridge, you are never far away from the sea. The smart and hygienic tube package offers a convenient and fast way to make a snack as well as the product is easy to take along.

Abba Creamed Salmon

Thanks to the salmon’s natural levels of Omega-3, this spread is both delicate and healthy.

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Ingredients: Vegetable oil (rapeseed), smoked salmon (29%), water, fish roe,
salt, sugar, tomato purée, potato flakes, potato fiber, citrus fiber, vinegar,
preservatives: E211, E202, stabiliser: E415, antioxidant: E300.

145 g
Storage: Perishable, keep refrigerated +2°C-+8°C
Catch area: Salmon (Salmo salar) farmed – Norway, Cod roe (Gadus morhua) – Norwegian Sea, Saithe roe (Pollachius virens) – North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Iceland and Faroes Grounds, Pacific Cod roe (Gadus macrocephalus) – Pacific Ocean

Nutrition value per 100 g   
Energy:                                                                           1900kJ/460kcal
Fat:                                                                                  45.0 g
- saturated fat 4.0 g
Carbohydrate:                                                                7.5 g
Protein:                                                                           7.5 g


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