About us

About us

The name Abba is short for AB Bröderna Ameln, which basically means the Ameln Brothers Limited Company. The name was registered in 1906, but the company’s history dates back to 1838, when their father founded the company. First it was called “Christian Gerhard Ameln A/S”, but it is a good thing they changed the name. Otherwise, the famous pop group probably wouldn’t have borrowed the name.

Time goes by quickly when you are having fun, so we are fast forwarding to the year 2014, when the merge between Abba Seafood, Procordia and Frödinge took place and became what we today now as Orkla Foods Sverige AB. However, the brand Abba still lives on and is constantly renewing itself and trying it’s best to develop new and exciting products, while taking great care of the oceans and the environment.

Our top-class factory is still situated on the beautiful west coast in Sweden, in the city called Kungshamn (which means King’s Harbor in Swedish), and this is where we produce almost all our delicious seafood products. The factory lays right on the edge of the sea, and we believe that the pure spirit of this location, is reflected in the great taste of our products.