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Welcome to Abba Seafood Export

Abba Seafood can be found in several different markets worldwide, but it’s in our home ground we have our main operation as market leaders in the seafood market in both Sweden as well as in Scandinavia.

Yummy recipes

Make some Swedish tapas for your next buffet or a quick tasty meal for the whole family. Read more

Products all over the world!

Want to know where you can find us? Take a look here. Read more

Abba vs. ABBA

Two names that has created confusion during the years - what's with the similarity? Read more

MSC is here to stay

We're proud to announce that all our herring is MSC certified. Read more

We're making history - welcome Frödinge!

1400 employees. 4,8 billion in sales. On July 1, 2013, Procordia is merging with Frödinge, a wellknown Swedish dessert brand – thus creating a mile stone in the history of Swedish food industry and at the same time defending Skåne as the number one Swedish food region. Read more about the merger with Frödinge.

Sustainable fishing

The sea - a seemingly endless resource. At the same time we understand that the sea is is a fragile and threatened environment. The sea is at the heart of Abba Seafood and therefore we'll look after it and care for its future. Read more about our strive for sustainable fishing.

Follow us beneath the surface

What fish should you eat? How do you know that the fish has been caught using proper methods in the right waters? Read about how we fish, where we fish and what we fish. Learn more about our fishes here.